DPF Cleaning • Lansing, Michigan

DPF Cleaning Services

DPF cleaning in Lansing, Michigan and the surrounding area

DPF Solutions provides the latest in DPF and DOC cleaning technology for medium and heavy-duty diesel equipment. We start by thoroughly inspecting your filter, and depending on its condition will recommend the process that ensures the best outcome.

• 24-hour turn-around standard
• Free pick-up & delivery

Our 14-Step Reconditioning Process is unmatched in the industry, and our thorough 3-stage testing process before cleaning, during cleaning, and after cleaning ensures your filter’s performance will always exceed your expectations.

• Pre-Clean Weight
• Pre-Clean Flow Test
• Pre-Clean Pin Depth Test
• Pre-Clean Light Refraction Test
• Pneumatic Clean
• Proprietary Liquid Clean Process
• Proprietary Drying Process

• Computer Controlled Thermal
• Regeneration
• Pneumatic Clean
• Post-Clean Flow Test
• Post-Clean Pin Depth Test
• Post-Clean Light Refraction Test
• Post-Clean Weight

Additional Parts & Services

• Bung Repair and Replacement
• Gaskets and Clamps
• After-Market Durafit ROADWARRIOR DPF Filters
• Used OEM Filters For Sale
• After-Market Filters
• Providing Spares For Qualifying Fleets
• Cleaning Oil and AntiFreeze Soaked Filters

1 Year / Unlimited Mileage Guarantee

We are so confident in the quality of our DPF cleaning process that we offer a one year/unlimited mileage guarantee* on the cleanliness of your filter. Free pick-up and delivery within 50 miles of Lansing.

*Excludes oil or antifreeze-soaked filters or filters affected by a mechanical issue of the truck.

Why take chances?

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